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Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing

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You know, one of the things that really pisses me off about the show is we rarely get proper confrontations. Like the only thing that is continually brought up is the whole curse thing, and what Snow White did to Regina. 

There should have been a talk between Neal and Regina discussing Henry, because that would have been amazing.

A talk between Hook and Regina about how he helped Greg and Tamara, and let her be tortured. An actual conversation between Hook and Belle about what he did to her - not a short little quip from him. A talk between Rumple and Hook about Milah.

A conversation between the Charming’s and Emma about the new baby. 

Did anything ever happen between Leroy and Nova, because that was the focus for an entire episode, and we never touched on it again.

I want the show to focus on these moments more than the big baddie sometimes. Add you own if you have any.

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ok but I don’t think y’all realize how significant it is that Emma’s trying to cheer Hook up like, they went from Hook’s innuendos and one-liners trying to lighten the mood and flirt with her and “is that supposed to be funny?” to Emma actively trying to make Hook happy just ‘cause

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Just the image of Emma joking around and making Hook’s hook disappear makes me want to cry with happiness yet it also rips my heart out and stamps on it because it’s so sad.